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We are members of the following Professional Associations:

American Polygraph Association


American Association of Police Polygraphists


National Polygraph Association







Member of the British & European Polygraph Association

Global Polygraph Network


WELCOME to Jordan Polygraph Services,

When knowing the truth is essential.


We provide our clients with the most professional polygraph (lie detector) services available. We utilize the most reliable, scientifically proven techniques and technologies available to the polygraph professional.


Our goal is to help our clients resolve their problems as quickly and professionally as possible.

We conduct polygraph examinations for attorneys, governmental agencies and private citizens. We have conducted tests for district attorneys, US Attorneys, public defenders, private defense attorneys, civil attorneys, police departments, sheriff's departments, both federal and state law enforcement agencies, parole & probation departments, psychologists, therapists, armored car companies, and private individuals.


We are all certified in Forensic Law Enforcement Testing, Clinical Post Conviction Sex Offender Testing, and are trained in Political Asylum Immigration Testing.

All evidentiary examinations are reviewed following the strictest quality control standards to assure our clients with the most accurate results available.



In the fall of 2007 RF Jordan & Associates, Inc. combined forces with Polygraph: Proof Positive to help provide the best polygraph services possible to our clients. By combining our professional talents, and law enforcement/polygraph expertise, we will be able to provide every client with an array of full polygraph services that are not available to most independent examiners.


Although we are physically located in Northern California and Montana, we will travel where ever our clients need us. We provide our services throughout the United States and parts of Europe, wherever necessary to help our clients identify the truth.

We provide polygraph services in both the Criminal and Civil arenas. We are professionally trained and receive a minimum of seventy two hours of continuing education each year; receiving training in the latest research, law and other areas concerning the science of Forensic Psychophysiology.


We have testified as expert witnesses in various state and/or federal courts. With recent court decisions in New Mexico and Ohio, polygraph is now being accepted as evidence in more courts throughout the United States. Judges specializing in Political Asylum cases have been routinely accepting polygraph results to help determine whether an individual, requesting asylum in the United States, is being truthful regarding the reasons they are unable to return to their own country. Also, in parole and probation matters concerning convicted sex offenders, courts and parole boards are using polygraph results to assist in deciding whether or not to revoke offenders.


All of our examiners follow the strict standards set forth by the American Standards of Testing and Materials (ASTM), the American Polygraph Association (APA), the American Association of Police Polygraphists (AAPP), the National Polygraph Association (NPA), and the California Association of Polygraph Examiners (CAPE).


All of our polygraph examinations are quality controlled to ensure the highest degree of accuracy, to verify results, and to certify that all professional standards are met.


Please review our attached individual Curriculum Vitae documents for more information on our polygraph and professional backgrounds. Combined, we have over 30 years in the polygraph profession and 65+ years in law enforcement.


If you believe you, or your client, might need our professional services, please contact us to discuss the issues.







Rick Jordan, Certified Examiner
RF Jordan & Associates, Inc
13445 Medicine Man Trail
Molt Montana 59057
Office Tel: (406) 669-3353

Cell: (406) 780-0820
FAX: (406) 669-3262
Email: Rick@RFJordan.com


Janene Gordon, MA/Certified Examiner
Polygraph: Proof Positive - view web site
2163 Newport Drive
Discovery Bay, CA 94514
TEL: (925) 550-5709
FAX: (925)516-4767
Email: JEGordon66@aol.com

Ronald M. Higa, Certified Examiner
1339 Park Western Dr., Suite
123 San Pedro, CA 90732
Office Tel: (310) 650-6141
Email: ronhiga88@gmail.com



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13445 Medicine Man Trail  ·  Molt, Montana 59057

Office Tel: (406) 669-3353  ·  Cell: (406) 780-0820  ·  FAX: (406) 669-3262

Email: Rick@RFJordan.com



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